Bangla Film Actor King Of Shakib Khan ( Roll Info & Photo )

Shakib Khan

Shakib Khan is an actor of Bangladesh His original name is Masud Rana. He made his acting debut in the film (Annotho Bhalobasha) if not fame attaches great. She also played (Shopno Tumi Amar), Director (Mizan), which was quite successful at the box office. Khan is widely distributed throughout Bangladesh is known for its excellent theater and dance. It is one of the most successful players in the history of cinema in Bangladesh. He has received numerous awards and recognition. It is the highest paid actor of Dhallywood. He won the National Film Award for Best Actor for his performance in (Valobaslei Ghor Bandha Na Jay)
His great success Movie at the box office:

Year Movie Director
2005    Amar Shopno Tumi Mizan
2006    Chachu F.I.Manik
2006    Maa Amar Sorgo Shahin Shumon
2006    Pitar Ason F.I.Manik
2006    Koti Takar Kabin F.I.Manik
2006    Mayer Morjada Dilip Biswas
2007    Dadima F.I.Manik
2007    Amar Praner Shami P.A. Kajol
2008    Priya Amar Priya Bodrul Alam Khokon
2008    Ek Takar Bou P.A. Kajol
2008    Doctor Bari M. Azizur Rahman
2009    Valobashar Lal Golap Mohammed Hossain Jaime
2009    Jaan Amar Jaan M. B manik
2009    Mone Boro Kosto Shahin Shumon
2010   Valobaslei Ghor Bandha Jay Na   Jakir Hossin Raju
2010    Number One Shakib Khan Bodrul Alam Khokon

More.. Picture From Shakib Khan.

Shakib Khan & Apu Biswas
Shakib Khan & Apu Biswas

Shakib Khan & Romana
Shakib Khan & Romana

Shakib Khan And Purnima
Shakib Khan And Purnima

Shakib Khan And Apu Biswas
Shakib Khan And Apu Biswas



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