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Bangladeshi Actress Shahara
Sahara is Bangladeshi most popular actress. and also most demandable actress. Sahara win millions of heart by her wonderful acting and super dancing . her most film hero is shakib khan. Because shakib and Sahara’s  most film is successful .there one of the most successful film is “priya amar priya” . also “boss number one” “amar challenge”. Her under construction movie with shakib khan is Dhaka to mombi and many more . She also acting with maruf,imon ,nirob etc.  Sahara’s acting starts from 2004 by her first movie “Rukya Darow”. From childhood her dream she will be a dallywood  actress and its come true by Aziz Reza. He introduces a director. Dhalywood  film analyzer says Sahara’s future is Fulgent .
Full List Of Shahara Acted Movie.
Rukhe Darao, Bharate Khuni, Lalu Koshai, Dhor Soitan, Bishakto Chokh, Lucky 7, Order, Jadrel, Ovishopto Raat, Ostrodhari Rana, Banglar Don, Mastan No 1, Ghorer Dhusmon, Josnar Prem, Dhusto Meye, Chokkor, Vondo Nayak, Damn Care, Nosto Satro, Priya Amar Priya, Tin Badshah, Moidan, Shanto keno Oshanto, Prem Koyadi, Bolbo Kotha Basor Ghore, Amar Shopno, Valobeshe Bou Anbo, Rastar Chele, Khomota, Dhomok,Valobeshe Morte Pari, Mon Diyechi Toamak, Kajer Manush, Amar Ptithibi tumi, Boss number 1, Onko,. 5 Takar Prem, Shaheb Name Golam, Daroaner Chele, Bondhu tumi Shotru tumi, Tiger Number 1, Ek Takar Chele Koti Takar Meye, Pita Putrer Golpo, Amader Choto Shaheb, Bostir Chele Kotipoti, Oshanto Mon, Sathi Hara Nagin, Marufer Challenge, Boro loker 10 din Goriber 1 din.
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Bangladeshi Actress Shahara
Bangladeshi Actress Shahara
Bangladeshi Actress Shahara
Bangladeshi Actress Shahara
Bangladeshi Actress Shahara



Shahara is an actress of upper echelon of Bangladesh film history. She earned her position at the apex of film industry through toil, talent and huge sacrifice. Shahara is now a leading heroine of Bangladesh. She started her career in 2004 with the film "Rukhe Darao". She acted in many films. She had the perfect figure and hot look to be the best heroine of Bangladesh when she first arrived. She has many hits over the years.

Shahara had everything to be the next generation of Hot heroines in Bangladesh film when she arrived in 2004. She had a fantastic slim figure, pretty but at the same time hot look. She carried short western outfits like no one else. The transparent knee short hips showing white frock she wore in "Bishakto Chokh" song with Rubel was one of the bravest and hottest costume ever seen in Bd films. She performed a rain soaked song wearing this white transparent frock. It was hot, bold and amazingly sexy.

Shahara showcased how one heroine can be hot, sexy,flaunt her body in front of camera and show cleavage without being vulgar at all. She showed flaunting body does not make anyone vulgar or obscene if she has the figure to wear the costume and can carry the outfit with confidence and also if it is done in a proper way. Shahara was the epitome of hotness in Bangladesh film industry in mid 2000's.

Shahara showed how steaming hot she can be in "Prem Kata" song from "Lucky 7" movie. The subtly chosen white dress she wore at the start of the song is the emblem of sexiness in Bd films.

Time has matured her immensely. From 2007 to onwards, Shahara has chosen her film and co actors very carefully. She has stopped acting in low budget commercial movie and started appearing in big budget movies. "Priya amar Priya" gave her the very break she needed to establish her position in the industry in 2008. She has never looked back. Now only sky is the limit....

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